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Elevated Roofs & Decks

Pave-Eze & Stone Decking

Abbotsford Hydrapressed Slabs – Abbotsford Concrete Products’ HydraPressed Slabs are ideal for applications that require durability and strength with the look of elegance. The slabs can be installed using either the ‘sand set’ method or on adjustable pedestals, which allow for sloping or levelling as required.

Pave-Eze – Pave-EZE is a LIGHT WEIGHT, composite decking material utilizing slate, granite, sandstone or other gauged natural stone bonded to ABS plastic, to give the strength requirements and beauty of other manufactured and natural walking surfaces. Pave-EZE “clips” together units, laying them flat over new or existing outdoor surfaces. Now, contractors and homeowners can replace old, high-maintenance wood “slat” decks (which deteriorate and need regular maintenance) with the beauty, durability and quality of natural products.

Stone Deck – StoneDeck™ provides a genuine stone decking alternative for the residential market eliminating the need for substructure reinforcement. Designed specifically for homes where traditional stone decking can be too heavy for use on existing structures, StoneDeck™ is 8 ½ lbs to 10 lbs per square foot and achieves flexural strengths of up to 5000 lbs per square foot.  StoneDeck™ combines a thin, natural stone surface featuring compressive strength and durability with a high strength composite backing.