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Permeable Pavements

Permeable Pavers

Why Permeable Pavers

The AquaPave™ Permeable Onsite Stormwater Source Control System is a proven method of reducing, if not eliminating, runoff quantities from a site and improving the quality of the water discharged back to the environment. In simplest terms, the AquaPave system allows commonly recurring rainstorms to infiltrate through the permeable concrete paving stone surface into a clear crushed open graded aggregate base. Depending on the type of native soil, the water then infiltrates back into the local groundwater table and/or slowly drains (in a controlled method) into a storm sewer or wate course.

Aquapave – The AquaPave® Permeable On-Site Stormwater Source Control System is an important first effort to reduce excess storm water runoff quantities and improve water quality.

Aqua-Roc – A smooth linear look that stands up to even the heaviest vehicular traffic. Environmentally and economically sound, Aqua Roc permeable pavers are comfortable underfoot, meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act architectural guidelines.

VS-5 Drain Pave – It is important for projects to avoid sealing the earth and yet guarantee stability while allowing for penetration of rain and storm water. Drain Pave offers a solid surface that is similar to a standard paving stone while still maintaining the high level of water drainage.